The Saga of the Last Leaf

The last leaf clung to its bare bough by the flimsiest pestiole. Envious, it looked on; its fallen companions scooped into the vortex of a gust of wind that danced and spiralled in the corner of a churchyard wall. The little leaf tugged and tugged some more, as it watched the leaves’ joyous last dance […]


“Every gesture Every utterance Each and every promise Is written in sand. All is dust.” Discuss


His allotment was the biggest in the row; But by stealing the small one next door He might make it more – Though the others said, “No!” But, when he took it as his own, Nothing would grow In the ash and the rubble and bones. So he set it alight; And during that night, […]

For My Children: Not to Open Until 2046

As you read this I know I’m driving you nuts. With my what-ifs and buts, With my hesitation and procrastination; My dirty, cluttered drawers; The pointless storing of Out-of-date packets; You want me to sack it. You think I’ve lost touch with the world; That I’ve curled back in on myself. But please, take my […]


From “Miss O-D’s Wonderfully Dysfunctional Support Bubble” – with an apology to fellow teachers everywhere! #amwriting #blamedanny

Sunday Toast

Most Sundays, while I’m preparing the Sunday roastie, I’ll drink a pint from Dad’s old tankard and raise a toast to him. For a long time, it was hung up over the bar at The Bell in Broughton Gifford and Dad used to drink from it while playing in the “Nap School” on Sunday lunchtimes. […]