New Work!

I’m half way through redrafting a novel I’m already incredibly proud of. I wrote the first draft in under eight weeks. See what you think of the opening…

Sonnet: Courage

My boy, when green, I stood upon on a stump That lagged beside an idle trickling brook; There, scoffing boyish faces bade me jump A modest stretch that most would overlook. And, trembling there, no pebble could I see, Nor languid basking reeds on burbling stream; But roaring torrents terrorising me As guilty margins of […]


Numb, at the mouth of our cave; Stricken dumb by the horror of the shortest day; We watch as shadows crowd the fire, A pyre for those we left behind. We are minded of grief, Of beleaguered belief; Of how we chided those by whom we were led- Those who fed on our fear, Who […]

Fool’s Song

Why do the lauded Sign off their lives at the lowest tide? I will resign when the waves are high, When the sun’s on my back And my last breath is an ecstatic sigh. I will blaze my name across the sky, Score my wins into the highest hills; Shout into the storm clouds until […]

History Lesson

Daddy? Why did people eat out? Exquisite flavours carried dreamers on swift wings to exotic worlds. Daddy? Why did people shake hands? Tiny notes laid on frail paper, were scented with integrity and faith. Daddy? Why did people hug? The antibody of fear was infused, until many became one. Daddy? Why did people kiss? Tender […]


Years ago, When we hugged, You’d rub your coarse chin Against my cheek, “Plant some whiskers,” you winked. As a kid, I hid in your shadow; Watched you shave in the mirror, Pull faces As the foil rode the contours Of your cleft and cheek. Even then, Every week, I’d run my fingers Over the […]

The “New Normal”

It was a relief to get out by myself with the dog today. Just to plug into some music and walk and think. I don’t know why, but over the last few days, I’ve started to get more scared about stuff. The tone has shifted, the mood has darkened – it’s not about the number […]


I am your daily Hollywood blockbuster, That no billion-dollar mogul could muster I am your far-fetched unpractised routine Beyond the darkest dystopian dream. I plague statisticians, With spiked indiscretions; My shadow lags every act of love: As I threaten to smother each kiss, every hug; Not shoulder to shoulder but two metres apart, I shake […]