Awake since three, She’s listened to the storm –  Callous voices at sea Thrashing the light from the dawn. When the alarm clock limps to six She picks up her gown, Tightens the chord and stares down.   The stairwell yawns with fears That balloon like malignant tumors, The rumours of their bitter-sweet years.    […]

Falling in Love with the World at Midnight

You sat there alone, Cowled in dark thoughts; This disease, it gnawed your bones, Drew on your marrow, Sucker-punched your cells, one by one. In your garden, Above an unraked pond consumed by dying tape grass; Blue tits worried the last of the fat-balls, Picking away until nothing remained. Hiding your head in a hate-sodden […]


Some doors we discover.  Others are opened for us.   Some doors are slammed in our faces; Others, we can never find.   The hardest are the ones that we know Have to be closed; And yet we jam our feet in nonetheless.   Time is a construct.  But the doors are always there.   […]

The Good Morning Girl ~ update

The novel is written! It’s been shared with a few people and initial responses have been great: it’s been called ” gripping”, “evocative”, and “full of twists and turns”. Here are the first three chapters – let me know what you think… ———– PART ONE One: Present Day – Friday 2nd December 2016 The young […]

All Heart

The strange quiet of an intensive care unit. Each bay softy-lit with the eerie glow of a bank of twitching machines; the nurses whispering, their eyes kind, their smiles kind. In the last bay: my mother – deep, deep under. She would be pleased that her hair is still tidy, that her mouth isn’t hanging […]